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Africa is the continent with one of the highest population growth rates, with the urban population and urbanised area doubling every 10 to 15 years, considerably increasing water stress in these expanding areas. And yet there is no shortage of water on this continent, where reserves are estimated at over 660,000 cubic kilometres. Paradoxically, Africa remains the continent where a third of the population, representing 330 million people, have no access to drinking water, and where health problems due to a lack of drinking water are persistent.

These situations require water companies to be even more efficient, and the entire water/sanitation community to mobilise so that our continent can meet the sustainable development goals that "guarantee access to water and sanitation for all" by 2030".

The current approach would therefore be to find and implement actions likely to accelerate access to water and basic sanitation services on the continent. To do this, we need to innovate and, above all, look for and move towards sustainable solutions, while taking into account the current context, which is strongly marked by the phenomenon of climate change, which spares no continent. This is why the theme of our conference is: "Supporting human development in Africa through investment in the water and sanitation sector".

The Scientific and Technical Council, the linchpin of our organisation, brings together all the executives, directors, engineers and technicians of the water companies, who meet regularly to identify the problems of the water sector in Africa with a view to proposing solutions. For nearly two years, the various committees that make up the Congress have been working hard to identify all the issues that will bring us together from 18 to 22 nd February 2024 in Conakry, Guinea, and to ensure that all the conditions are in place to move the debate forward on the issues that concern the water and sanitation sector on the continent.

The 22 nd Congress, to be held in Conakry, Guinea, will bring together the entire water and sanitation community from Africa and around the world, including researchers, academics, water companies’ managers, policy-makers, water sector young professionals and donors. All these stakeholders and partners in the sector are taking part in the discussions by proposing communications or presentations, organising parallel sessions or taking part in the international exhibition, which is expecting just over 2,000 visitors in person and around 2,000 by videoconference.

We invite you all to submit your proposals for communications in line with our theme and the various sub-themes.

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