22 nd Congress under the topic "Supporting Human Development in Africa through Investment in the Water and Sanitation Sector".

With this choice, the AFWASA intends to draw attention to the necessity to maintain the pace of growth towards universal access to water and sanitation services in Africa, in a world in the midst of a health crisis marked by diseases that force people to remain confined within cities, countries or regions. This will be an opportunity to present the operational know-how of professionals and stakeholders in the water and sanitation sector, and to exchange ideas on how to tackle these critical challenges in order to improve service performance and to better take into account users' concerns.



1-Water Resources Management
  • Integrated Water Resources Management;
  • Water resource preservation;
  • Modelling for water resource management;
  • Climate change resilience and adaptation;
  • Rainwater management.

2-Sustainable access to water services for all
  • Governance and institutional framework;
  • Non-Revenue Water reduction;
  • Pro-poor water services;
  • Water safety;
  • Drinking water treatment technologies.

3- Sustainable access to sanitation services for all
  • Sanitation policies and institutional frameworks;
  • Sewerage services management;
  • Non sewerage sanitation management;
  • Sanitation safety;
  • Wastewater treatment technologies and feacal sludge management;
  • Resource recovery and circular economy;
  • Private sector participation in non-sewerage sanitation.
4-Innovation in water and sanitation
  • Innovations for water and sanitation services;
  • Smart ICT for water and sanitation services;
  • Water and sanitation operators’ partnerships;
  • Mainstreaming gender in water and sanitation services;
  • Career building and competencies development;
  • Performance benchmarking and Networking.
5- Financing in the Water and Sanitation sector
  • Innovative Finance;
  • Pricing and cost recovery;
  • Public-Private Partnership for Water and Sanitation Service;
  • Local market financing mechanisms.

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