Mr. ALY Seydouba SOUMAH, Ministry of EWC
The 22nd AAEA Congress is of paramount importance for our country and undoubtedly for all African nations. As you have noted, the choice of the theme for this edition takes into account our priorities in sustainable development strategies: "Supporting human development in Africa through investments in the Water and Sanitation sector." It is no secret to anyone, today as well as yesterday, that the issue of water and sanitation in Africa is a major challenge for sustainable and harmonious development, public health, and effective and efficient poverty alleviation.

Considering that water and sanitation are indispensable for life and the development of human civilization in its various aspects, you will agree with me that access to clean water and a sanitized environment constitutes a true survival challenge, a social, economic, and political challenge, a daily struggle for our countries.

For all these reasons, the vision of water and sanitation in the Republic of Guinea can be summarized as: "Making water and sanitation a factor of social well-being and inclusive economic development beneficial to all social strata of the country, based on: (i) good governance, (ii) national consensus, (iii) social peace, (iv) preservation and protection of the environment, (v) West African economic integration and international and cross- border cooperation." The transitional authorities, led by Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, Head of State and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, have prioritized access to clean water and a healthy environment for our populations.

Aware that the struggle for clean water and sanitation cannot be won alone, we highly appreciate and encourage gatherings of expertise in a framework of harmonious exchange and sharing, leading to the development of strategic plans and innovative and adequate financing.

Guinea is a legendary land of hospitality. It has historically welcomed all those aspiring to a politically and economically free and independent Africa. It continues to be a welcoming place for a united Africa, especially regarding development issues in general and water-related issues in particular, as Guinea is the water tower of West Africa.

Come and discover this land of Guinean hospitality! !!! !

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