Dr. Eng. Silver MUGISHA, President de l'AAEA
Dear friends in the water and sanitation sector,

It is with immense pleasure and great pride that I welcome you on behalf of the African Association for Water and Sanitation to our 22nd International Congress and Exhibition, taking place from February 18 to 22 in the Republic of Guinea, under the auspices of the Guinea Water Company. I want to express my gratitude to all participants, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers, as well as to the authorities of the Republic of Guinea, who are making this event a reality. As you know, water and sanitation are essential pillars of sustainable development, directly impacting the quality of life for populations and the prosperity of our nations. In Africa, where challenges in this sector persist, it is imperative that we unite our efforts to address these challenges in an innovative and sustainable manner.

This congress provides another opportunity to share our knowledge, exchange ideas, and discuss best practices in financing for the water and sanitation sector. It also offers a chance to explore new technologies through the international exhibition running concurrently with the scientific program. I encourage you to actively participate in discussions, share your experiences, and contribute to the development of innovative solutions. Together, we can build a future where water and sanitation are sources of life and prosperity for all.

Wishing everyone a successful congress!

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